"Ars bene honesteque vivendi"

About Me



My name is Ken Connelly. Ken is short for Kentigern. I was born in Scotland in 1940, one of four children, was schooled in Glasgow, and entered a Benedictine Abbey in 1960. I then pursued theological studies at Louvain University in Belgium, graduating in 1967. I left the Benedictines at this time and emigrated to Canada to lecture in Philosophy at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. In 1970 I attended the University of Ottawa and graduated with a PhD in philosophy in 1974.  I then began a business career with Anglo American which eventually led me to join Deloitte (known in 1986 as Touche Ross, subsequently becoming Deloitte) where I became a partner in 1988. I retired from Deloitte in 1999 in order to write, but joined Goodwill Toronto as CEO in 2000, eventually retiring in 2011. I married my first wife in 1970 and we had two children. We subsequently divorced and I remarried. My second wife, Heather, has three children, and eight grandchildren.

I have been very fortunate in my life. My pursuit of wisdom has never ceased, but has been conducted within the hurly burly of daily existence. Throughout my life, outstanding individuals have influenced me for the better. I focus in my poem principally on those who are dead but who remain available through digital access.

My PhD Thesis is available online: J.H.K.Connelly, The Role of Self-Experience in Personality Theory, and an earlier work, also available online, is Kentigern Connelly, An Unheard of Thing. A Study of the Apostolic Letter of Pope Leo XIII Ad Anglos, April 1895.


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