"Ars bene honesteque vivendi"


For all of my adult life, I have been trying to create the “art of living well and decently” – “ars bene honesteque vivendi.” (Seneca). This has never been easy. Now that I am in my twilight years, I hope to pass on some of the insights I have accessed by referring to many of the individuals whose encounter influenced me in my efforts. Visitors to the website, who pursue a similar dream, may thus share in my good fortune.

My poem in blank verse, “CantoKentigerni – Kentigern’s Song”, is the main framework, with links to additional prose notes for anyone who wishes to explore my thoughts further.

 How to Navigate the Website:

The core of the website is the poem “CantoKentigerni,” which is supported by additional commentary on various individuals cited in the poem, and which can be accessed by scrolling down the list contained in the heading Resonators at the top of the page .  The Index of Stanzas column provides a direct reference to these commentaries  which are largely personal.

A Work in Progress:

“CantoKentigerni” is a work in progress which I hope to pursue until my death, so sections will be added as they are completed.

Who Should Read CantoKentigerni?

Anyone who seeks wisdom or meaning in a secular sense should delve into the poem. It is my hope that some will find the people I cite as similarly inspirational to them as they were to me. I have used the word “resonance” to refer to this form of influence. I also hope that people from all over the globe can access my words, albeit only in English. Equally, I hope everyone will understand my limitations as one immersed in a Euro-Canadian world, and will forgive many of my shortcomings.